31 January 2008

Applications menu in ion3

After some time spent using KDE I recently switched back to ion3. One of the first things I realized after the switch was lack of KDE menu with all installed apps. Actually lack of any menu with all installed apps. I am too old to remember all the exec names I have installed, and way too lazy to add those manually to the ion menu, so I've written a script that parses all .desktop files from /usr/share/applications and adds (more or less) all the apps to the menu which can be invoked by Meta1-Esc (for me: alt-esc).

You can download the script from here. All you have to do is to save it in your ~/.ion3 directory and add dopath("cfg_apps") to cfg_ion.lua.
Menu is created during ion start, so if you install new apps you either have to logout/login, or restart ion for changes to be visible.

Note: the script is quite lame, uses hardcoded list of categories, does not handle some Exec entries properly etc. I will be cleaning those up soon.


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